Awards season 2019 began with Sunday nights telecast of the Golden Globes. And as much as we all know awards, award shows and end of the year lists are completely subjective I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and write about my top television shows from the past year. (Plus for the past few weeks I have written about my failed romances this week needed a lighter topic to write about!)

This is not a top movies of the past year list because I have not seen enough of the Oscar movies yet to compile a list. Definitely want to see “Vice,” “If Beale Street could Talk,” and “A Star is Born.”  

(shows appear on the list in no particular order)

GLOW – Even though I gave the no particular order disclaimer, GLOW is my #1 favorite show from the past year. Season one was really really good. Season two was PERFECTION. The show doubled down on heart and emotion and nostalgia and crafted a seamless season of episodes.  The group of “misfits” reclaiming their voices and doing things their way resonates loudly in 2019. From Rose taking the lead in directing and producing, to Debbie raising her baby as a single mom and Bash gingerly stepping out of the closet, the show has so much HEART.  Storylines also touch upon themes of racism, class inequality, sexual harassment and the early stages of the AIDS epidemic. Cannot wait for season 3 as the ladies make their way to Vegas.

GREYS ANATOMY – Now before you stop reading this post because of the inclusion of the long-running soapy medical drama, you should know, it is STILL the highest rated show on ABC! Which means millions of us are deeply invested in the lives of the doctors and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.  And for good reason, week after week this show delivers the goods! Cast members rotate in and out, the new crop of interns slowly became part of the larger ensemble and the storylines are timely. Last season alone had episodes centered on the DACA crisis and the Me Too movement, with the venerable Harper Avery Awards being taken down under a cloud of controversy! Throw in a coming out storyline, characters battling addictions AND brain tumors, plural! There’s a reason Ellen Pompeo is making $20 million this year. Not bad for a show in its 15th season!

QUEER EYE – UGLY CRY. EVERY EPISODE. I love it. I love them. I want to be their friend. I want to go out drinking with them. I want them to makeover my wardrobe and apartment. More importantly, they seem to genuinely care about and want the best for the people they are working with. (And if it’s just acting for the camera, all 5 of them deserve Academy Awards!)  On first glance I thought over the top Jonathan would grate on my nerves, now he’s my favorite – “Yassss queen, work, do it, you’re gorge, I am here for it!” he proclaims! I am here for this reboot.

YOUNGER –  Liza is my hero! This Williamsburg (love seeing all our neighborhood hangouts in the exterior shots!) set comedy revolves around a 40 something divorcee pretending to be a 28 year old millenial to get back in the job market.  Created by the same team behind “Sex and the City,” the show also focuses on female relationships and New York City. Liza’s secret has been out for a season or so but that doesn’t stop the action moving forward. The show could stand to lose her annoying, rude college age daughter though.  Add to the mix two VERY HOT love interests and Debi Mazar as her best friend and roommate, sarcastic lesbian Maggie and its comedy gold. Did I mention Hilary Duff is in it as well!

DIRTY JOHN –  Anything with Connie Britton in it automatically qualifies as a must see in my book (RIP NASHVILLE).  Bravo’s miniseries based on the well known podcast is like a car crash you can’t take your eyes off! Whether you are dumbfounded as to how this beautiful, intelligent, very successful woman married this creep after 2 months, amid huge red flags, or you are ALMOST feeling sorry for John after seeing how he was raised, (calm down I said almost!), it is an addictive guilty pleasure.  With only 1 episode left you know something really bad is going to happen…

RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE – you knew it had to be here! How can it not when week after week these girls leave everything on that main stage! The GIFs alone from the show are reason to watch.  Each week the contestants give master classes in acting, singing, dancing, lip synching, costume design (well not all of them are masters…) No other reality show on tv expects as much on a weekly basis.  With a strong NYC showing year after year, including past winners Aquaria, Sasha Velour and Bob the Drag Queen, try to find a bar in NYC not playing new episodes live week after week. BRING BACK MY GIRLS!

MOM – LAUGH.OUT.LOUD.FUNNY. Sometimes you just need to laugh. And “Mom” brings the funny. Allison Janney deserves all the Emmys she has won for this show and any more that decide to give her. This season, Kristen Johnston joined the cast as lovable newly paroled Tammy and the show is even funnier, if possible.

THE MINDY PROJECT – A sweet rom com week after week, and another NYC based comedy. In the final season, Dr. Mindy Lahiri found her happiness and her happy ending. The trip there were after week was well worth the time invested in the show.  From wise-cracking nurses Tamra and Collette, to fellow doctors Jeremy, Anna and Jody everyone had moments to shine as the show nicely wrapped up all the major storylines.

THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL – I did it. I drank the kool-aid and gave in. And I loved it. The first season was pretty damn good. I think the Marketing and PR team should be fired though. Watching the commercials and advertisements for the show, I had no desire to watch it the ads really missed the mark on what the show was about. However, after numerous friends told me how great it was and how much I would enjoy it I gave it a shot. Final moment of season one where she loudly proclaims her stage name – WELL DONE!

NETFLIX SHOWS AND MOVIES – (ranked in order!)  Atypical. Grace and Frankie. Santa Clarita Diet. Ibiza. Like Father. Nailed It. Bird Box. Friends from College. Kimmy Schmidt.

As you can blatantly see I tend to shy away from overly violent, dark, gory shows. The real world is scary enough. I have no problem gravitating towards lighter fare in my entertainment. Sunshine rainbows and unicorns…well maybe just a happy ending. I don’t want my favorite television characters getting chopped up into little pieces. Or beheaded at a wedding. Marriage is tough enough (or so I am told)

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