The fans of “RuPauls Drag Race” are some of the most passionate, and most vocal when it comes to discussing their favorite queens, who won, who got robbed and who slayed it on the runway. The most recent episode of the current season – SNATCH GAME has become many viewers favorite episode of the season. There have been 14 Snatch Game episodes, each with roughly 8 queens. That means there were 112 performances eligible for this list. As with every list and every award, this list is subjective, based on my opinion (and how the queens fared during the episode). Read, enjoy, discuss – but please keep your comments classy and nice. We are all friends here. #teameveryone

(Queens will be grouped by fives, in alphabetical order.)


Adore Delano – Anna Nicole Smith

Alexis Michelle – Liza Minelli

Katya – Bjork

Monet Exchange – Maya Angelou

Pearl – Big Ang


AQUARIA as MELANIA TRUMP – The season 10 winner and lewk queen snagged herself a Snatch Game win few saw coming with her sendup of FLOTUS Melania Trump. Handing RuPaul a Tiffany box “present” with a SAVE ME note inside started Aquaria off on a high note and she never let up. She had many zingers and all of her answers were political, timely and in sync with the questions asked. “Russian Hooker Urine” and “No wonder my husband hates China so much” were two of her best.

BOB THE DRAG QUEEN as UZO ADUBO AND CAROL CHANNING – The only queen (until Nina West last week) to give fans TWO celeb impersonations during the game, the season 8 winner earned her place on this list and then some. Her lesbian-esque Adubo was good but her Carol Channing was laugh out loud funny. Just ask RuPaul, and if you make Mama laugh – you are good to go! “I havent taken anything stronger than Lipitor since 1986. You can’t get a good buzz off of that!”

BIANCA DEL RIO as JUDGE JUDY – I already hear the gay gasps as season 6 winner (and my all time favorite Drag Race queen) is placed in the bottom half of the top 11. Hear me out before you revoke my gay card!  Bianca tore it up as Judge Judy, but did not have enough material and enough interactions with the other queens to vault her into the top 5. There was also too much Bianca mixed in with her Judge Judy impersonation. Her “beauty fades, dumb is forever” read – hilarical.

CHAD MICHAELS as CHER – You knew it was coming, you were waiting for it. The expectations for Cher impersonator Chad Michaels in season 4 were high and girl delivered on all fronts. The first queen with multiple costume and wig changes during the Game clinched her win with the line “I don’t know why they book on these chicken shit gigs. I’m an Oscar winner!”

JINX MONSOON as LITTLE EDIE – A bold decision to play someone some viewers might not have a reference for solidified a Snatch Game win for the eventual winner of the season.  As stated above, you make RuPaul laugh, you are good to go and Jinx did that convincingly. Throwing a lifeline to the drowning Ivy Winters gave Jinx her best line of the night, “Quite the scandal…with my cousin actually (JFK), it was in all the papers at the time.”
TATIANNA as BRITNEY SPEARS – Tatianna transformed herself into Britney Spears complete with nervous tics, gum chewing and doe eyed naivety.  She grabbed herself the first ever Snatch Game win with answers relevant to Britney and her chaotic life at the time of the episode being filmed.


ALASKA as MAE WEST –  The All Stars 2 winner won Snatch Game winner tearing the roof off the join with her portrayal of Mae West.  Even for viewers who had no reference for Mae West knew exactly who she was at the end of the game. Telling guest judge and drag race fave Jujubee “I’ve seen you at the free clinic!” HA.  “What are you talking about, I beat around the bush all the time!” #legendary

BENDELACREME as DAME MAGGIE SMITH – Stealing the win from Bianca Del Rio was going to be near impossible but Benda steamrolled the rest of the queens with her Maggie Smith. Guest judge Gillian Jacobs told her she had been repeating her “Excuse me! We originated the language” joke non stop since she said it. She also killed it when she envisioned liqour flavored with “Citrus! Can you imagine that!!”

GINGER MINJ as ADELE – Choosing to play Adele as a somewhat ditzy drunk played off in spades as Ginger tied for the Snatch Game win in season 7. Ginger came prepared with props including awards, and food which she consumed nonstop.  Her answers – genius and. Telling “Suze Orman”, “I love you Justin Bieber,” to “So it’s not a very good song, I probably still won an award for it” had Rupaul in stitches.

KENNEDY DAVENPORT as LITTLE RICHARD – I wouldn’t call it a bold decision for Kennedy to play a male character in the Snatch Game, because I don’t think she realized she wasn’t “allowed” to bring a male celeb to the table.  All was forgiven the minute she opened her mouth. Little Richard was hella flamboyant, but more important, really really funny!  Comparing himself to Batman and Robin saying they all like a “bathhouse with dark rooms and gloryholes…” and giving the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz, “a tight screw because we all like a tight screw” nailed her a win, tied with Ginger’s Adele who Little Richard told “wrong note sugar!”

TRINITY TAYLOR as CAITLYN JENNER – In All Stars 4, they wisely rebooted the Snatch Game as the Snatch Game of Love, with 4 queens at a time vying for a date with an eligible bachelor.  Trinity was miles ahead of every other queen with her Caitlyn Jenner perfecting her mannerisms and political views, telling guest celeb Gus Kenworthy he looked like a “poor democrat.” and “dont touch me” when he went in for a hug!  She also read Valentina’s boring Eartha Kitt, “I find you annoying.”

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